For Sale

Lockheed Lodestar L18, long no se.

Built year 1945

Owner SABENA Old Timers

  • Due to some heavy modifications needed from our Belgium Authorities to made it airworthy:

Replacement and reinforcement of the cabin floor and the replacement of the front panel and his cockpit access door with an armored one.

  • Due also to lack of some specialized personnel and place.

This A/C is completely dismantled at 90%, some parts are overhauled or repaired, LH main LDG overhauled in SABENA shop, front anti-ice plates are replaced, and so on.

Engine Wright Cyclone 9 = 400 hours, but need to be overhauled.

One propeller blade has been stolen.

Tires are new.

Most of the control cables are in good condition.

Sabena OT paid the aircraft + transportation 50,000 Euros.

Any proposal price will be acceptable.

Transportation will be paid by the buyer, can rolling on the road.